Assalammualaikum, Wr. Wb.

Salam Sejahtera


Namo Budaye

Praise goes to Allah SWT for the blessings of health and time for all of us to be present today.

Before starting, I would like to extend the warmest welcome to the Delegates from Croatia and Pak George, welcome to Narotama University, home for talents and excellence. It was a great pleasure meeting you in Zagreb and to have you all here is even more delightful.

I apologize for the inconvinience Narotama University is in the middle of physical expansion. We are building lots of new rooms for offices and classes up to 4 stories and at the back we are building 34 stories hotel and apartment. Hopefully it will accomodate more development ahead.

In today’s fast-paced world, organizations have to rely more and more heavily on technology to remain competitive.

Technology has become so integrated into people’s lives that they expect to have constant access to their personal emails and to be able to stay in touch with friends even during working hours.

What does this mean for organizations? It means that they will face some kind of cyber-security incident and the reality is they are often unprepared to deal with the incident effectively.

Bapak Ibu hadirin yang dirahmati Allah.

Inilah fakta yang umumnya terjadi, banyak organisasi yang belum menyadari betapa pentingnya Cyber Security sehingga ketika mereka menghadapi masalah yang berkaitan dengan Cyber Security, banyak yang tidak siap menghadapinya, sementara resiko yang dipertaruhkan sangat besar, sebagai contoh bocornya data pelanggan yang semestinya bersifat confidential.

Organizations have a legal and moral obligation to protect their customer’s personal information, however, data leakage remains one of the biggest problems they face in today’s’ technological world.

There is clearly still much work to be done, and the people behind the attacks have a significant head start. Cyber security has become a matter of urgency.

Therefore we are welcoming the cooperation with IN2 or Insig2 in particular, regarding Cyber Security and Digital Forensics. Universitas Narotama memiliki kesempatan besar untuk menjadi pioner  yang menyebarkan awareness dan pelatihan tentang Cyber Security di Indonesia bahkan di Asia.

Saya mengucapkan terimakasih kepada Ketua DPRD Surabaya Bapak Armudji yang telah berkenan hadir, I believe opportunity of collaboration in terms of Cyber Security will bring many benefit to the operation of the city government of Surabaya and East Java province.

Tak lupa saya juga mengucapkan terimakasih kepada kolega pimpinan dari instansi yang hadir, it is certain that investment on Cyber Security will be getting more and more prominent in the future, as the rapid development of technology and cyber crime.

Demikian kiranya yang dapat saya sampaikan, I am looking forward to have a productive discussion. Thank you.

Wassalammualaikum, Wr. Wb.

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