Genlect France

Assalammualaikum. Wr. Wb

Salam Sejahtera

Om Swastiastu



Praise goes to Allah SWT for the blessings of time and health for us to be here today.

Tout d’abord, je vous souhaite la bienvenue Madame Lucille, Madame Ananda, et Madame Maya a l’universite de Narotama, la maison de la connaisance et des talents.

It is such a good opportunity, with your presence students could expand their knowledge about study in France along with its culture. Narotama University would also like to open more collaboration opportunities with France, and University of Toulouse might be the perfect choice for that.

Narotama University have been partnering with France since 2013 and we are looking forward to strengthen our bonding for cooperation in science and culture.

I am motivating all the participants and students to take the benefit from the explanation, don’t be shy and just ask for more information. Because France is one of the oldest and the best in terms of study destination and mastery of knowledge. Many scholarships from DIKTI and France Government and universities that will support your dream to study in France. The key is…learn the language. Narotama University provides free French language course for all new students, make sure you make the best of it.

I am wishing all the best for this general lecture and one final message for the students: study hard, choose your path, be adventurous and open minded, stay humble and you will gain success in your life!

Je vous remercie beaucoup pour votre presence.

Wassalammualaikum. Wr. Wb

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