Assalammualaikum, Wr. Wb.

Salam Sejahtera

Thankfulness and praises are dedicated to Allah SWT for all the blessing to us all.

Before starting I would like to convey a cordial welcome to Monsieur Marc Piton, Bonjour. Bienvenue. thank you for being here with us to share your experience and thoughts in such a meaningful occasion.

I would also like to warmly welcome Madam Veronique Mathelin, you are always a part of Narotama’s big family and to Bapak Brigjend Pol. Sukirman, welcome to Narotama University home for knowledge and talents.

Ladies and Gentlemen

We are all standing here today to commemorate Narotama University 35th anniversary in a journey of producing a qualified human resources. It is clearly not an easy task, challenges, changes and dynamics of the era has transformed Narotama University into a global oriented campus with a nationalism principal and effective operating system with environmental awareness.  Tireless efforts and a strong desire to be the best has brought us further on the achievements met. Alhamdulillah, Ministry of Reasearch and Technology Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia announced  Narotama University  ranked 56th best, nationally, among  over 3000 state and private universities in Indonesia. Applause for us all!!

Additionally, Narotama University also positioned as the  4th best in Surabaya and 6 th best in East Java  Ministry of Reasearch and Technology Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia along with predicate of Major Campus from the Coordinator of Private Universities ( KOPERTIS) Region 7 of East Java. Narotama University posess Institutional accreditation from BAN – PT ranked B and awarded as Good Practices Campus & Eco Campus by Surabaya City Government for a  good management system and environmental awareness.  In this very moment, I would like to thank the entire academic community of Narotama University because all of these attainments are the  result of your  intelligent work, contribution, prayer and love to  Narotama University.

Privileged participants, Ladies and Gentlemen

This year theme ‘Strengthening Research Capacity in ASEAN Economic Community 2016’ give a notion that improving  the competitive ability of our nation has to be implemented in a coordinated, convergent and synergistic manner. Government, universities, and industry must walk together bring about an equal working network to conduct an organized and systematic research and development. Moreover, in the current era of globalization, Indonesia like other developing countries, are faced with the challenge of the emergence of free competition in trade between nations.

Indonesian government is currently put more and more attention to excellent strategic research program in the development of science and technology. The results can be further developed into industrial products that are suitable to the national interests.

Research project can contribute to national wellbeing in many ways. Some of the most important direct outputs of university research are:

  • New knowledge and understanding
  • Trained researchers
  • New technologies
  • Capabilities
  • Networks
  • Institutional and researcher reputation

The subsequent outputs that build on those in this list, such as education and training informed by research results, research culture, and a patent application form part of the many processes used to disseminate research and make use of its fndings. As such, they have the potential to lead to the ultimate outcomes that shape the national benefits, for example  the increased productivity and competitiveness of business, increased employment, the development of new industries, better health, improved environmental quality, improved decision making and government policies, greater national security, and all the other things that contribute to national wellbeing.

Realizing the substantial importance of research, Narotama University determines to focus this year as the research and publication year, nurturing the implementation of synergistic working relationship between institution that produces concepts and technologies with manufacture / industral area. Furthermore, cutting-edge industrial products with new features , the one that is expected  to break the chains of dependence with foreign parties , is possible to enter the market as a result of in-country universities research. Thus , research culture with a sphere of a sustainable product creation will grow in the industrial sector of  Indonesia , while industrial culture, with  a ‘time to market’ intuition  will grow finely  within universities in Indonesia .

Honored participants, Ladies and Gentlemen

Another thing that we have to put extra attention to is the prevention of the use of Drugs and Narcotics. Drugs and illegal substances most frequently abused by youth and adults alike. Many suffered as a result of drug abuse. Accidents, addiction, criminal involvement, damaged relationships, impaired judgement, and lost educational or employment opportunities were common. In many cases the victim is bombarded by falsehoods and mixed messages about drugs therefore it is important to be armed with the truth. Empower people with a strong basis of understanding about the danger of using drugs will enable them to chart their own course through the morass of misinformation.

President of Indonesia, Bapak Jokowi has declared a war against drugs. Narotama University is fully supporting this movement and we are asking your hand to come in also. It is time to take action, to say we care and take the responsibility. We will not let our generations molested by drugs. I am looking forward for the presentation from the National Narcotics Agency . May it will enlighten us all that preventing drug abuse is one of the best investments we can make in our country’s future.

Ladies and gentlemen

Those by far are the focus point in Narotama University 35th Anniversary. I believe in a wise saying ‘the change is us’, there is a hero inside each of us. We can start by being a hero for ourselves, and our loved ones and eventually our beloved nations. Our very existence in this world is to lead, to bring goodness for all the living substance. That is what makes education very noble, because in the right hand, it serves for a brighter future, a higher civilization and a transformer of mind. That is Narotama University.

Thank you for your attention.

Wassalammualaikum, Wr. Wb.

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