Ass. Wr. Wb.

Salam Sejahtera

Praise goes to the most merciful God Allah SWT for the blessings of life for us to gather in this meaningful occasion.

Before starting I would like warmly welcome everybody to Narotama University. Welcome to the home for talents and excellence.

Narotama University was established in 1981 by lecturers of two major public universities in East Java, which are Airlangga University and ITS. The founder gave a strong emphasis on the spirit of Pro Patria meaning Love for the Nation as the basis of Narotama University. Therefore character building and morality has become an integrated part in the curriculum as it is very important for the future generations of Indonesia.

Based on that reason Narotama University supports the activities of Tetada Indonesia since it is not only a matter of sport and health but also shaping the mentality as a whole

We have a regular Tetada Indonesia exercise on campus for the entire employees and students.  We also participate in Tetada World’s Championship, one of our employee namely Mr.Imam Setyawan even holds the world champion for the spinning moves as he could display the maximum speed at the designated time slot.

I myself have been a member of Tetada Kalimasada for quite a long time, currently I am a Trainer assistant and I had trained and followed examination in Madrid Spain on 2013.

Finally, I would like to once again welcome everybody to Narotama University. I hope you will enjoy the campus surroundings and  may your experience here will be memorable.

Thank you.


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