podjok perancis


Salam Sejahtera


Praise is delivered to the mighiest and most merciful God Allah SWT for uncountable blessings for us all to be present in such a wonderful occasion.

Commemorating the 2nd Anniversary of Podjok Prancis, Narotama University is collaborating with IFI Surabaya to present a beautiful yet unique performance by  Monsieur Vincent de Lavenere.

IFI has been a part of Narotama’s big family, and it is good that our partnership is escalating each time. Therefore I would like to thank IFI for their great enthusiasm for working with Narotama University, opening more international access and experiences for the students.

The performance of  Monsieur Vincent de Lavenere that we are about to witness is definitely not something we see everyday, it is remarkable in  sense that it has to be done by an expert and that it combines harmony of motion and music.

Later on we will also enjoy Reog performance as the popular art and magic show originated from East Java.

I am pleased that the 2nd Anniversary of Podjok Prancis is able to become a showcase of the beauties from Indonesia and France. May the existence of Podjok Prancis will be able to contribute more colors to the international sphere in Narotama University.

Finally,  I invite all of you to visit Podjok Prancis of Narotama University and become a member of our Francophile to get to know more about the culture and study opportunities in France. I hope everybody will enjoy the show. Welcome to Narotama University.


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