Sambutan Meeting Kerjasama dengan President Everett Community College USA

Ass. Wr. Wb.

Salam Sejahtera

Praise goes to Allah SWT for the well being that we are all in today.

It is indeed a pleasure to welcome Everett Community College from the US to have a cooperation meeting with Narotama University, therefore please allow me to deliver a warm welcome to all the delegates.

I also would like to thank Indonesia education partnership for bridging indonesian and overseas education institution, enabling them to meet each other and explore some interests.

Narotama University has a very dynamic rhytm regarding international cooperation. We could start faster with important principles which are equality and feasibility.

We are aware that international cooperation plays an important part, facing global challenges, however we need to adjust the international development programs to match the campus’ social environment, financial state, and spesific needs. Based on these reasons we would like to have an intimate partner, not just to collaborate but furthermore to share, to grow together.

I appreciate the goodwill from Everett Community College initiating this partnership meeting and I am looking forward to a fruitfull result. Creating a new force, contributing more colors to the education world.

By Bismillahirrochmannirrochiim, the cooperation meeting between Narotama University and Everett Community College is officially opened.

Thank you.


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