Sambutan General Lecture with Digipen Institute of Singapore

Ass. Wr. Wb

Salam sejahtera

Before I begin, let us praise Allah SWT for the wonderful state of being we are all in today.

Every means of knowledge will commonly  lead into application on the world of industry. Therefore a university must be able to remain dinamic and envoque, adjusting to the world’s trend today, as well as seeking a new possibility to be established as student’s future career path.

The emergence of Appstore and Android market open a vast door for game market, making games application much more reachable and simple for the customers. Gaming Industry is a typical business depending on creativity, user friendly interface and graphical magnificentcy. It aptitudes a global opportunity and profits for the creator.

As campus with IT basis, Narotama University would like to introduce game market as a prospective career for IT professionals or anyone who is interested to it. Cooperating with trustable collegue, Digipen Institute Technology Singapore, presenting  international seminar to enrich student’s store of education and career ideas. For those who are not from IT background, please perceive this as a chance to update your global knowledge, furthermore to lay some consideration about taking it as your alternative future strategy.

I am certain, technology will earn vital role in human’s life ahead. Thus, it’s an urge for us increase our capabilities and participate, taking advantage on this new world era.

Wss. Wr. Wb.

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